Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep Pushing Forward

The news these days seems pretty rough. The number of layoffs continue to rise. The stock market gains a trillion dollars one day and then loses it the next. People praise President-elect Obama one day as a sign of hope and then disregard him the next as having too much on his plate, therefore assuming he will fail. Hundreds of billions are being spent to save companies that made handsome profits for many years. We keep hearing that global warming is reaching a point of no-return (any minute now, according to some sources - I hope you didn't make plans for Saturday).

Some of the bad news even seems circular in reference. According to one media source I watched last night, large companies are citing lack of consumer confidence as the reason they are laying off large numbers of people. The same media source later said that citizens are citing the large layoffs as one of the main reasons they are losing confidence in the economy. This is a chicken and egg game with profound implications on the earth. The media's amazing talent at magnifying the downside of things is entrenching this even more.

Sounds like we're on our way to hell in a hand basket, as the expression goes.

I guess we might as well lay down, cover our heads and wait for the end to come.

Let's forget about our the future of the next generation - there's nothing worth saving for them anyway.

Our dreams and aspirations are pretty stupid too, aren't they? What a waste of time they are. How could we have been so foolish as to believe we could have accomplished anything at all?

All of those great intentions we had - woulda coulda shoulda as we say in New York. It was just as well that we didn't follow up on them. They were the silly follies of dreamers and infinite optimists.

In fact we've wasted our whole life doing stupid things and now it's too late to change anything. When we ask people around us, they agree with us so it must be true.

Why even bother anymore?

In fact, let's take it a step further.

Let's tell our kids that optimism and hope are a waste of time. Let's tell them to abandon their dreams.

Encourage them to focus on the mass media, to allow the life essence of hope to drain out of them.

If we all work together starting right now, we can finally iron out of everyone, the silly idea of a life of beauty, love and empowerment.

Stop for just a moment - let that sink in. Let's embrace and savor the feeling of despair and hopelessness together. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm - feels good, doesn't it?

Are you angry with me yet? Do you feel the energy rising in you to reject what I am telling you? Do you want to tell me how wrong I am when it comes to your life?

GOOD - now you have some energy flowing - let's talk!

My dear friend, Roberto Luberti, always interjected discussions that were "stuck" with what became know as "the famous but". When he saw people trying to sort things out, he would say "I agree with this, this and this but" and after the "but" would come the reasoning that guided us out of the morass we were in.

So, in honor of my friend, here's the famous but to the negativity I just placed before you.

When we hear these messages as I expressed above, whether from the mass media, associates, family, friends or whomever, take a stand and refute them with all of your energy. Resist them with more energy than they are being pushed upon you in the first place.

If you don't, your mind turns to mush and you actually begin to believe these thoughts of hopelessness for our future. You become one of a growing group of people who are totally lost, blowing in the wind and living a life without purpose. You will manifest these messages in your life because you chose to, not because you had to.

Fight this negative energy with all of your being.

Dare to stand up and say "You are wrong. Where you see despair, I see hope. Where you see failure, I see opportunity. Where you see hopelessness, I see hope."

Don't wait for others to create opportunity for you. Many of the people you are waiting on are the ones whose minds have become laden with despair, sadness, gloom and doom. They are filled with angst and feel most comfortable when they have company to make them feel better as they go down with the ship.

So turn off the mass media that sells the gloom and doom message. Tell people who want to share this with you that you only want to hear news of opportunity - you are now a "no complaint zone". "Bring me opportunity and solutions", you say.

Look at the world for what it is - a smorgasbord of opportunity in unlimited areas. You can be a billionaire basket weaver tomorrow if you take the time to find out what baskets people like and how to make, promote and distribute them as efficiently as possible.

Look at Life for what it is - an incredible miracle which we are all blessed to experience. Struggle strengthens us. It reminds us of our weaknesses and where we need to grow as individuals. It highlights things all around us that need to be improved or enhanced. Struggle and pain are our call to action to make a difference - not a signal to give up. History teaches us that we human beings are at our best when our backs are against the wall.

We are incredible miracles, filled with unlimited potential to have a profound impact on the world. Each of us has a gift that no other has and each of us can do at least one thing better than ANYONE else in the world.

Find that one thing, embrace it, nurture it, be proud of it and then use it to make a difference. Make it your purpose for being and change the world with it.

Others will look at you and say "I want to do what you do - I want to have the fire and passion that you have - how do I do it". Take the time to light the flame of passion in the spirit of that person and then keep moving. They will do the same for others when the opportunity arises.

Momentum, positive and negative, are within your grasp to generate in infinite levels.

What world do you want to live in? It's your choice - not someone else's.

Time is important. Every day you don't do this is another day you missed to manifest miracles.

I salute you and offer this toast to you.

To your purpose in changing the world and manifesting the incredible potential that you have. Don't take "no" for an answer, when you fall, stand up and keep moving forward, keep your eye on your purpose and surround yourself with others who feel the same way with the same level of passion.

What are you waiting for?

Yours in service and servanthood.


PS Pretty soon, I will be working with a group of people to conduct an experiment around helping people engage in a life of purpose and passion. We will be working through this experiment in the public domain and sharing the process to help others understand how to find their sense of purpose. I will let you know shortly where you can find this and how you can participate.


  1. great post!
    people should try to do their best no matter what is happening around....
    many good ideas started when most people were saying "are you's not the right moment!!"

    take care,


  2. Hey Roberto!

    Thank you for your reponse (and permission to use your name).

    You are right - some of the most incredible things that have been accomplished in the world were created by people who didn't listen to what the world told them.

    Names that come to mind: Gates, Trump, Branson, Ghandi, Martin Luther King .... who wouldn't want to leave a legacy as they guys have done.

    Take care and create a great day over there in Italy, Roberto!


  3. I'm with you on this!!! There are so many people out there who walk around miserable and with too much time on their hands and they try to "steal and rob us of our joy" because unfortunately they don't know how to find theirs. They need to know that God is their source and He will fill them if they let Him in." They need to put their trust in Him and then no one can rob them of their joy and with joy comes hope and with hope, purpose, hope, need to help others and above all LOVE - which is what God is. Harry, I am with you on this.

  4. Harry:

    Great post! We must remain positive and never give in to despair. Let's keep nurturing hope and faith. Hope is hearing the music of heaven; faith is dancing to the tune right here right now! Blessings,

    Garry E. Milley

  5. Excellent post, Harry. You did have me angry, I knew where you were headed with it. Spot on. I was thinking this morning about the relationship between financial capital and human capital, especially youth capital. Paul Krugman has been writing for days about the need for bold financial action even as we face record deficits, or rather because we face record deficits. His thinking runs something like, this is the time to make big investments in health care and infrastructure, things that will pay off in the long term. The exact same is true of our children. This is not the time to pull back, cut programs and sow fear. Rather we need to be ramping up education reform, innovative after school programs. Anything that will improve the creative and intellectual potential of our young people should get top billing even as the economy struggles. Because children are our single most important long term investment. In their strengths lie our future. Let's not hold back our attention to that.

  6. Great post yet again, Harry! It seems that almost everyone around me is freaking out about the "dire situation" we are in, and it just seems that embracing this perspective is making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. (And the media is definitely fueling that fire...sometimes it blows my mind to think how the media plays such a huge part in creating the reality for the majority of our nation.)

    Another person to add to your list is Warren Buffett. I recently heard that he is known to make investments especially when the economy is taking a "downturn."

  7. Fab, fab, fab.... why just this morning inspiration hit when I heard that Newfoundland spends "the most" per capita on health care in Canada. I awoke to a thought of flipping that reality... we are working on the ideas as we speak. Your article is a clarion call and a reminder that generations past have undertaken pains to raise civilization higher. Arise, service and need await.


  8. Harry,

    That's a good spot of writing, my friend! I really liked it.

    I'm glad I read it all the way to the end - if I had read it half way, I would be pretty convinced that I should give up, and lay down to die... ;-)

    - Vin

  9. Dear friends,

    I am honored at your positive comments to my recent blog entry.

    My question to you now is:

    What can each of us do individually and collectively to help people keep this spirit of optimism and hope moving forward?

    The key is to create some action items that we can begin executing to make a difference.

    Thoughts are welcome!

    Create a great weekend.


  10. By the way, I'm glad my play at "devil's advocate" got your creative juices flowing. :-)