Predictive Analytics


Predictive analytics models shown here are based on proprietary models developed by the author. They are based on over 25 years of research in the use of predictive analytics for risk mitigation models and the prediction of human and organizational behavior. The models are currently used on Wall St and in other industries including but not limited to political analysis, retail, insurance, fraud prevention, military and aviation safety.

Requests have been received to make public projections for the election currently underway in Alberta, Canada. Time constraints make this difficult although the requests will be considered.

If you would like to experience this predictive analytics model for a specific scenario, please contact us here.

Retired Public Analysis:


The models mathematically and objectively assess but are not limited to the following areas:
  • Leadership model
  • Strategy model
  • Execution model
  • Competitive Analysis model
  • Risk Assessment model
  • Communication model - internal and external
  • Adaptability model
  • Authenticity model - congruence of thought, word and action
  • External Influences

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