Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Will You Remember Me .....

.... and how will I remember you?

When our end of days has come, will we remember each other:

  • for having given our best for our families, providing for their current and future needs as best as we can?
  • for taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, knowing that many people rely on us (including many we will never meet)?
  • for having gone above and beyond for our employers (or our own companies if we are at the top)?
  • for doing our best to empower our employees and professional peers, enabling them to plug their passion, purpose, skills, strengths and talents into their work, to produce the best result possible?
  • for accepting that we all make mistakes?

Will we applaud each other:

  • for being role models for our greatest investment of all - our children?
  • for investing in our community, our state or province and our country, taking responsibility for the good and the bad and working together to fix that which needs fixing while enhancing that which is already great?
  • for seeing the positive in everyone?
  • for making a difference in this world, for those who are starving, thirsty, sick, impoverished, destitute, homeless or challenged in other ways?
  • for taking care of those we don't know and may never meet?
  • for random acts of kindness, the kind that inspire others to make a difference?
  • for keeping the Earth in mind as we do what we can to take care of the miraculous life raft that carries us through this incredible universe?

Will we think fondly of each other:

  • for doing our best to keep our outlook on life (and the outlook of others) on the positive side, especially when times get tough?
  • for reaching out to someone, not only when they need it but often times in anticipation that they would appreciate some unrequested support?
  • for doing our best to love everyone, even those that anger us, drive us crazy or disappoint us (recognizing that we do the same to others)?
  • for filling our days with positive action to make a difference and not just wishful thinking that we will get to it someday?
  • for dropping a coin in the cup of a beggar, someone who may be a descendant of yours or mine?
  • for going for the brass ring, seizing a life of excitement, challenge, risk and fulfillment and not just a life of indifference and unrealized dreams?

Will we be proud of each other:

  • for being who we want to be and not what others want us to be?
  • for being brave and courageous in our quest to find and fulfill our purpose and passion on Earth?
  • for taking a stand for what we believe to be right?
  • for standing firm in our faith and our beliefs, no matter what the odds?
  • for being known as someone that could always be counted on?
  • for being the person who always brought sunshine into someone's day instead of darkness?
  • for living a life of humility and service to others?

Will we support each other:

  • for being the cheerleader who always encouraged others to be and do the best that they can?
  • for laughing loudly(and often)?
  • for crying when we need to and not being embarrassed by it?
  • for promoting a sense of urgency around appreciating everything that Life offers?
  • For cutting people a little slack when we see they are doing their best?
  • For providing guidance when people could use a little direction?
  • for loving ourselves and recognizing that we are a product of our genetics, our life experiences, our faith, our calling and God's Purpose for us - we are living miracles who are to love and be loved unconditionally?
  • for not being afraid to say "I love you" to anyone and mean it?

Will we be grateful for ourselves, for others and for the incredible experiences of Life (instead of judging Life as a collection of good and bad)?

The game of Life is the one game where no one gets out alive.

At some point, one of us will stand before a memorial to the other.

How are you being remembered?


"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love." - 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (NKJV)

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