Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mind Manipulation–My Latest Book Collaboration

There are no secrets that time does not reveal. - Jean Racine

The real secrets are not the ones I tell. - Mason Cooley

<< Readers please note: This post was originally posted as an April Fool’s joke. I am no longer taking pre-orders. Smile>>

Many of the readers of my blog have sent me emails over the years asking about my career on Wall St. and in particular, many are curious about a group of strategy people I worked with who were known as the “Master Manipulators of Wall St.”.

One of the things we specialized in was in the area of working with CxOs and the process of directing them to make decisions that we needed them to make for our benefit while convincing them that they had brilliantly made the decisions for their own benefit.

While many of the techniques and models used by my colleagues have been of a proprietary nature for years, a good friend of mine, Robert Sputin, has convinced me to share the most powerful techniques in a new book that is soon to be released.

Many of the techniques that we wrote about are evident in my blog posts and social media interactions anyway (making them not a secret to those who are very perceptive) and so I was delighted to collaborate with Robert to finally reveal the secrets that many of us have used for personal and professional success.

The book shares powerful techniques in such areas as:

  • Deceptive information sharing – sharing information that appears accurate but which is not
  • Convincing people who are actually right that they are wrong in order to end debates that may be inconvenient or problematic
  • Using data to misinform people – getting them to change their mind or to knowingly spread false information that causes them to be discredited later
  • Goading people into arguments under the guise of “having a dialog”, thus setting them up for potential embarrassment later
  • Creating an aura of mystique in order to convince people that a secret that you have makes you important or invaluable to them
  • Mind maps and other techniques to make you appear smarter and more sophisticated
  • Advanced, subtle techniques in belittling and demeaning people to discourage expression of opinion
  • Predictive analytics and the use of math models to distract people from the truth.

Writing this book wasn’t easy.

Our initial pass at the book was a little too dry and sterile for my taste but I think we have finally hit upon a winning formula by embracing the “For Dummies” model, making the theories more easily adaptable by practically anybody.

Mind Manipulation For Dummies

The publication date will be announced in the coming weeks.  I can confirm that I will be signing copies of the book on July 4th and 5th in Newfoundland and on September 6th in Alberta.  For additional information or to reserve a copy, please click here.

I am very excited about this book release and believe that it contains many useful tips to help you achieve personal and professional success in your Life.  The techniques have been a blessing in my Life and I believe that they should be shared with others to help them gain the upper hand in their personal, professional and online relationships.

I think that people deserve the best tools and techniques available as this levels the playing field and gives everyone equal opportunity for success.

This may sound ruthless but the truth is that Life is all about winning.  There is no prize for second place, for “best efforts” that fall short or for all of that phony, weak-minded, feel-good stuff about the journey meaning more than the destination or the result.

The Bottom Line

First place is all that matters!

Why criticize the 1% when you can use these time-honored, proven techniques to actually be a part of the 1% while simultaneously learning how to ignore those who are jealous of your success?

Despair.Com - Pretension

I think you deserve this.

What do you think?

In service and servanthood,


Addendum – Book Publication Cancelled

After many heated discussions with the NSA, SEC, CIA, FBI, KGB, UN and other groups, I have been asked to pull this book from print production for fear that it reveals too many secrets.

Yeah …. right.

I was just having a little April Fool’s Day fun.  Anyone who knows me knows that I would never promote material that would enable them to take advantage of others unfairly

On an interesting side note, I presold approximately 6100 copies of the book in less than 24 hours.  Since 5000 copies sold makes for a best seller, I actually have a best seller that never existed and never will exist. Smile

As for the dates I mentioned, they are the scheduled dates for the PC Party leadership selection meetings for those provinces. Smile

However, for those who sent me nastygrams pointing out the evil that people with Wall St. experience represent, I am having a sale on tinfoil hats.

Dedicated to the tinfoilers

One size fits all. Smile

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  1. That was just too funny! Great sense of humor.