Friday, May 24, 2013

Angels Amongst Us

As I write this blog, it dawns on me that my previous blog was almost my last.

Crossing a street in Calgary during a rainstorm today, a driver in a black Jeep, ignoring the fact that he had a red light and I had a walk signal, sped through his red signal straight towards me.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t aware of him coming as he was approaching from a blind spot in my vision, partially behind me, in the rain.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t be missed.  I was wearing a full-length rain poncho – one of those neon pink ones that once gazed upon, burns a silhouette of my 6’3” form onto your retinas that is still visible in your vision an hour later.

Fortunately for me, the guy in a blue compact car behind the Jeep recognized what was developing and blew the horn repeatedly in warning.

His warning caught my attention and as I turned and saw the Jeep bearing down on me, I dove one way, the aggressive driver in the Jeep swerved the other way at the last moment (even as he started directly at me) and I escaped a fate that I don’t want to analyze at the moment.

It happened in a matter of seconds as these things often do.

When the driver of the blue car was able to drive through the intersection, I waved to him in gratitude and he smiled and waved back as he drove off in the rain.

A passing, random connection with significant impact for both of us … or maybe not so random.

He is a living angel who, having completed his purpose for the day (at least with me), drove off without fanfare and without stopping to allow me to heap the accolades of praise and gratitude upon him that he deserved.

We are fortunate that there are angels like him amongst us, lifting others, saving others and doing what they can to make the lives of others a better thing.

They do it without hesitation and without a need for gratitude, praise or reward.

They do it because it’s the right thing to do.

And then they drive off into the rain ….

…. or ride off into the sunset ….

…. off to help someone else.

I am reminded today that even when we don’t think we need “guardian angels”, it sure feels good to know they’re around.

Maybe someone around you needs the help of a “guardian angel”.

Maybe the person who needs the services of a “guardian angel” is you.

And whether it is you who has an opportunity  to lift someone else today or it is you who needs to be lifted, there is comfort in knowing that there are angels amongst us and that help is on the way.

Where would we be without them?

In service and servanthood …. and in gratitude for all the angels amongst us who make the world a better place.



  1. Where indeed would we be? If everyone looked after only themselves, the days of civilization itself would be numbered. Grateful for your angel in the blue car, I am.

  2. I agree, Doug ... and thanks for your kind words. :-)

    Create a great weekend!

  3. They are indeed amongst us. As all good things, it is often unoticed,except by those directly affected one moment or another. They work diligently where the opportunity arises, then move on, just glad they were there to help. Evil is not more present than the goodness of these angels, it is just more ostentatious. Our society is addicted to what is scary, what gives us anxiety and sensationalism is the "Gout du Jour". Thank God for your Angel Harry and for all the common folk out there who are either full time Angels or just whenever the opportunity comes up. Thanks Harry for this article. It does lift one's heart up, just to read it. So you see your Angel in the blue Car has rubbed off on you. Goodness seems to be contagious. Thank God. :)

  4. Hi Christian,

    There are many truths in your comment and I thank you for them. If I may, I would sum up those many truths by saying "We see what we choose to see and the world as a result is painted (and tainted) by this perception". That's not to say that there is no evil, ignorance or greed in the world - there is plenty of it around.

    However, there is more good in the world than I think we perceive sometimes and for that reason, we often focus on the wrong side of the good / evil equation, our role in the equation and the impact on us as a result.

    Thanks for sharing, Christian.

    Create a great day!