Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aliens–And Now For Something Completely Different

Long-time readers of my blog, looking for content regarding strategy, business guidance, wake-up calls, calls for accountability or stories to grab their heart may be amused by the title.

In fact, when I contemplated writing this, I had an image of John Cleese sitting at his desk …. this image … found at 2:20 of the following clip.

Thousands of people have written me over the years to ask for my opinions on aliens, alien abductions and everything in between.

While I’d like to ask them why they are asking me, in truth it’s partially my own fault.

Having consulted to some curious parties who will remain unnamed, having a former father-in-law, now deceased, who was a USAF Colonel working on black projects at Wright Patterson AFB and who occasionally shared details of them after one scotch too many and after having written some musings on sort-of-related subjects, I guess I have it coming.

Some of the musings can be found here:

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Yep – I deserve to be bombarded by questions, especially questions about the recent TV Series Alien Mysteries.

And so instead of answering them one email / SMS at a time, I will answer everyone at once.

Consider this.

If …..

- you were routinely abducted in the middle of the night

- you were taken whenever and wherever someone else wished to take you

- you had no say as to whether you were taken or not

- you were routinely examined and / or sexually examined / assaulted

- the abductions continued for years

- there was a chance that this event was hereditary in nature and that previous or later generations might experience the same thing

…. do you REALLY think you could recount your story in vivid detail with a smile on your face or a sense of “my purpose is to bring a message to mankind”?


Many assault victims from Terrestrial sources blot out the entire experience for reasons of self-preservation.  They don’t recount such details with a smile or how such assaults are part of their purpose and destiny.

The “victims” in Alien Mysteries are either:

- misguided (or guided by an over-zealous producer)

- deluded or in need of medical attention

- attention seekers

- snake-oil salesmen/women

- some combination of the above.

I’m waiting for one of the victims to lament that the examination probe was somewhat painful, after which the segment will be followed by a commercial espousing the sensual nature of personal lubricant products.

Or as one friend of mine SMS’d me and made me burst out laughing in a public place, maybe the events recounted by these people and the commercial could be morphed into an erotic series called “50 Shades of Greys”.

That’s when the real value of this program will be revealed ….

…. in its commercial / promotional value, as Dr. Steven Greer has discovered with his “Disclosure Project”.

But as a reveal-all documentary, don’t waste your time or your precious brain.

As far as my own beliefs go, I’m a pragmatic, data-focused, evidence-based, strategy-centric guy, surrounded by powerful clients who believe in such things and with a collection of life experiences that make for terrifying campfire stories.

What conclusions can you draw from that?


Whatever is out there will or will not reveal itself when it / they are ready to.  Until that event occurs, if it ever does, continue to focus on the needs of the Earth.

Because it and the curious inhabitants who are Terrestrial in nature need a lot more attention than the Great Gazoo and his merry band of Extraterrestrials.

At least for now.

Now if you will excuse me, there’s an unusual blue light illuminating my backyard and a strangely familiar song playing …..

I thought that they were angels but much to my surprise,

We climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies - “Come Sail Away” – Styx

And in the spirit of music and Monty Python, I will close with the very appropriate “Galaxy Song”. :-)

In service and servanthood, wearing a rather stylish tinfoil hat (just in case),


Addendum: April 10, 2013

I noted with interest and amusement, elevated reading statistics originating from several US military groups.  I’d love to make a tongue-in-cheek comment in fun but I’m liable to fuel the misdirected passion of the conspiracy crowd, those who need medical help or those who are easily misled.

So I’ll leave it as “reading stats noted” with a grateful nod to those who put themselves at risk every day so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have.

One other item … a long distance dedication, an interesting musing, a warning and a great hit from the past, all rolled into one. :-)

Addendum: April 23, 2013

I had an opportunity tonight to watch the much (over?) hyped Sirius Documentary by Dr. Steven Greer.

After watching it, I tweeted the following comment:


Yup …… Sirius Documentary: Where facts, myths, smart / conspiracy people, New Agers, Marshall Applewhite, Zeitgeist & Ancient Aliens collide #fail

I usually post a link when I reference something but this time I didn’t even bother.  Why?  Because it’s a tremendous waste of time, energy and money – for the creators as well the viewers.

If there is a truth out there that is just beyond our horizon, this movie doesn’t bring anyone any closer to discovering it.

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