Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perspective and the Scale of “Stuff”

As an avid observer of the human experience, I find it intriguing to think about how we categorize the events, victories and challenges in our Life.

Many things seem larger than they really are and for many people, this is especially true of the challenges they face as they project an aura of insurmountability on solvable problems.

When considering a difficulty one may be facing, think of this.

Imagine the challenge as it compares to the challenges being faced by others in the city one lives in and then expand this consideration outwards to the province / state, country, continent and the planet.

And if so inclined and depending on your beliefs and knowledge, expand your thinking to the solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse and so on.

Also consider that there is a high likelihood (statistically speaking) that as we stumble around worrying about “the small stuff”, that intelligent Life exists in the Universe that is facing the annihilation of their culture because of war, self-destructive habits or a natural event.  Some day, millions or billions of years down the road and in the unlikely event that we haven’t figured out how to move beyond our own solar system, we will face the same difficulties as our sun finally expires.

When one looks at challenges with the right perspective, while they feel larger than Life for the person experiencing or witnessing them, in the grand scheme of things many of the challenges are so small as to seem to not even exist.  In the annals of human history they will be forgotten, known only to the person who experienced them.

This is true for most (not all) of the difficulties we face in the human experience.

By the same token, solving such “small” problems has the potential to positively impact our lives with the impact expanding outwards to our city, province / state, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse and so on ….. maybe even impacting an off-world civilization in our distant or not-so-distant future.

And so while many of our challenges are actually so small as to be immeasurable in the grand experience, the potential and impact in overcoming them is immeasurably huge.

We must focus on this impact and potential and not the challenge itself as we move towards creating a better experience at all levels of existence.

Are you aware of your impact on a greater scale or do you choose to focus on the the noise and difficulties at hand?

How do you know?

In service and servanthood,


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