Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When is enough, enough?

Good day, everyone!

When is enough really enough? At what point in our lives do we say, "Yes, I have everything I have ever needed or will ever need"? How many times do we find ourselves wondering how we will be able to buy this, that or the other thing, whether it is a new car, new clothing, a new computer or anything else we need? Do we really need the things that we are buying or do we buy it because it is really a "nice to have" and not a "need to have". We worry about being able to acquire things that many people, even in our own culture, wouldn't dare to dream of.

As we cultivate our collection of stuff and help many companies become richer as we do this, do we ever stop to consider the things that we need that cost very little if anything? Too many times, the things that bring us the greatest rewards are missed in our effort to quickly attain the next item in our crusade to fill our abode with trappings that quickly gather dust or get in the way. Instead of working on ways to spend money on things we don't need or wasting time figuring out how we can accomplish this, we should be working on things that are far more rewarding and much less expensive!

We can start small by enjoying the gifts that Nature provides to us. Savoring a sunrise or sunset, one that will never happen again, is a good start. As you watch the sun set or rise, know that you are experiencing something that will never happen again in the universe. Diamonds are valuable because there are not many on Earth. How valuable is something that exists in only one copy and once gone, can never be gotten back?

After appreciating the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, we can move on to the gifts offered by Nature in the form of natural beauty all around us. Before us are rolling hills, towering mountains, restless oceans, frozen tundra, steaming jungles, massive plains, gentle streams, roiling rivers and every form of animal, mineral and vegetable all co-existing. How powerful this is when reflected upon. The miracle that is Life is an incredible gift that is often overlooked. Everything has its place and everything works together, each needing those around it and contributing to the needs of others at the same time. There is a lesson to be learned from this ability to need and be needed without asking why or "what's in it for me?".

Now examine mankind. Mankind is blessed with the curse that comes from having the power to have anything desired and the power to destroy it equally quickly, probably because that which is desired is so fleeting in the grand scheme of Life. Deep down inside, we don't appreciate many of the gifts that we are given because we know that if they are lost, they can somehow be easily attained again.

In contrast to physical gifts, consider these gifts which are often not as cherished yet are more valuable:
- the happiness in a child's laugh
- the delight in a child's eyes at something newly discovered
- the empowerment of good friendship
- seeing the world through the eyes of youth
- the feeling of having done a good deed, especially anonymously
- overcoming a tremendous challenge
- knowing you made a difference in someone's life
- the feeling of being in love or being needed by someone.

Too many people rate their life by how much stuff they have or how much someone else has in contrast to them. They feel that if they could elevate themselves within society that they would be much happier. However, as they stress about lifting themselves higher, they continue to race through life ignoring the gifts that Nature holds out to us.

How about if we slow down for one moment and instead of wishing for what we could have "if only", we actually said "thank you" for what "is" and then structured our Life from that point onward. Imagine the result that could come from this perspective – to live to be grateful for the now instead of the future that always seems to be just slightly in front of you. Sometimes we actually reach the golden ring that we have been reaching for at all cost, including time, money and relationships and realize that what we perceived as the golden ring is a tarnished brass ring and that the true gifts that we really needed were those we passed by in order to reach the ring.

Once we learn to cherish the gifts around us every day, we will be empowered to accomplish greater things and Life will indeed reward us in ways that we wouldn't otherwise imagine. This will also help us to approach Life in a much more positive way instead of lamenting about of the things that Life hasn't given us. Your potential is limitless when Life is approached in a positive way!

Take care and create a great day!


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