Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Doing the right thing

How many times have you ever thought back to something you did and wondered, "Did I do the right thing?" How many times have you pondered at a major crossroads in your Life and wondered, "Is this the right thing to do?"

We think about the impact of our actions and choices on those around us as well as on ourselves to make sure that every choice will be perfect. It is in this concern that every choice must be perfect that many times we make no choice at all or make a choice based on what others tell us is the right thing to do.

Making no choice at all or following the masses keeps us boxed inside what we perceive to be a safe, predictable world, one that doesn't appear to tax our minds and our spirits. We feel content that Life will protect us since we are following the straight and narrow "no-risk" Path. Taking no risks, after all, is the safest way to live Life. We also assume that this "no-risk" Lifestyle is the best environment to expose our family and friends to since that will automatically keep them safe as well.

The truth of the matter is that by always taking the safe Path (or allowing the Path to carry us because of our own indecisions) we are prevented from experiencing the challenges in Life that allow us to grow as individuals. We work hard to make sure that the people that we care about are protected against what might be poor decisions on our part. We should be willing to experience new things in Life with the knowledge that what we learn will make us stronger, wiser and better people, no matter what the actual result of the decision. By being empowered in this way, we are better able to look after the ones we care about. So rather than fear the impact that our decisions have on ourselves and those around us, we should embrace the knowledge and power that comes from the personal growth derived from the outcome of our decisions. This knowledge unleashes our incredible potential and creativity, enables each of us to be the best that we can be and provides us with the tools and abilities to help the people we care about to be the best that they can be.

By making choices in Life, we are also taught ways to handle the unexpected bumps in the Path that most of us face in Life. When we chose the safe Path, we find ourselves not as well equipped to deal with those bumps. When we choose to make our own choices instead of allowing them to be made for us, we train ourselves to anticipate these bumps, to avoid many and to be better able to handle the unforeseen ones that we all must deal with at some point.

Life offers a myriad of challenges and obstacles, which when faced with determination and courage, transform into the most wonderful array of choices and rewards. So we can choose to live the Life of routine and safety, taking what Life offers us or we can take the opportunity to experience Life to it's fullest, allowing us to be stronger for it and empowering us to be better people for ourselves and those around us.

Take care - create a great day!


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