Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Wouldn’t ET Be Fascinated With Us?

People who know of my connection to certain military and government projects often ask me “If extraterrestrials are real, why would they even care about humans on Earth?”.

Think about it.

A species that attains a state of perfection would be perfect in love or perfect in destructive capability.  Keep in mind that perfection doesn’t necessary mean a positive thing.  It merely means that one is perfect in its ability to carry out its purpose.

Mankind, however, sits on the cusp of perfection in love or destructive capability, having not leaned either way yet.  What a fascinating opportunity for a superior intelligence, good or bad, to observe a culture early in its march towards perfection.

We see examples every day that show what our society is capable of, both good and bad.

Some people complain when they have unlimited amounts of everything while others are grateful when they have practically nothing.

Some create war when the death of thousands or millions solves nothing while others find ways to create peace amidst chaos.

Some gorge themselves selfishly into early death while others seek to find ways to share everything with those in need.

Some see hatred everywhere while others see love.

Some see scarcity while others marvel at unlimited abundance.

Some people see the complexity of the world as proof that “God” doesn’t exist while others point to the same complexity as the very proof they need to establish that “God” is real.

Our ability to create love or hatred, abundance or scarcity, war or peace and ultimately life or death, in unlimited quantities, would be fascinating for an external species to observe (and maybe to influence).

Heck, it would be fun to start a pool as to which way the savage Terrans with fantastic potential will finally lean as they make their way towards their ultimate state of perfection.

If I were  a betting man, I would wager that our potential to become an all-loving, knowledge-seeking, sharing, collaborative, peaceful species is the stronger of the two potentials.

But to get there (or as close as “humanly” possible) requires conscious choice, effective strategy, strong tactics, proactive action, visionary leaders and a will to make it that way.  It requires conscious choice in how we think and execute at every level of society, in our personal and professional lives, from the foundational building blocks of our immediate relationships right up to international governance.

It requires a will to avoid something as incredibly frightening as is illustrated in this video:


Nuclear testing around the world.


Last call ….. care to make a wager?

In service and servanthood,


PS Does anyone know the intergalactic exchange rate from dollars to cubits? Winking smile

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