Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So I’m Inspired, Now What?

We live in a world today that has easier access to more inspiring, motivational literature than ever.  And yet, for the plethora of material that exists, it seem to me that the majority of people I know who are reading it are doing just that – they are just reading it.

Many of them seem unable or unwilling to apply it and spend years absorbing material while at the same time lamenting that they are waiting for their Life to move into high gear.

It’s almost as if they are hoping that the act of reading it alone will somehow cause the Universe to realign its rewards for them and that good things will happen.

They seem to have forgotten that at some point in the learning process, the material absorbed must be APPLIED.  Actions must be taken in order to move a Life towards a desired outcome.

As I mused about this on Facebook one day, my friend Kevin Cullis (self described as published author of "How to Start a Business: Mac Version," entrepreneur, Mac evangelist, husband, USAF Vet, readaholic, analytical, and balding) tossed out the idea that there was a blog in this.

He was right – it had been percolating inside my brain for a while, itching to get out.

With Kevin’s gentle prodding, I offer my musing on “So I’m Inspired, Now What?” as a grateful guest writer on Kevin’s blog.

In service and servanthood,


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  1. For this and for your article on Kevin's blog, thanks. I try to choose a piece of inspiration for my day that is relevant to something I either fear to do, or am procrastinating with. I will do a search on a keyword and then use that quote to push me through the day so long as it is relevant to my task at hand.

    My Father lives by the motto, "Do things when you first know they need doing." and it was a great role model for my family. I have a neighbor who longingly looks over at my yard and says they "wish" they had such a pretty yard. The thing is, nothing worthwhile happens by magic - we work very hard after work hours and weekends to make it that way.

    Inspirational dreaming and "wishes" are 1% of the success puzzle. I am learning every day, but it isn't really learning if it isn't applied - hopefully my future holds much more of the 'learning application' through actions.

    Thanks for offering another thought-filled brain push, the gears they are a movin'.