Thursday, November 22, 2012

Strengthening Our Pillars

Have you ever noticed, in person or via photos and videos, that there is a common characteristic of many of the buildings of eras gone by.

No matter how little remains of the structures of bygone cultures, oftentimes the pillars remain standing.

There is a reason we refer to things like “pillars of strength”, “pillars of faith”, etc.

It is because no matter how strong (or weak) the surrounding structure is, the pillars are designed to withstanding assault from external forces, whether it be physical attack, natural disaster, aging or even the persistent force of Mother Nature.

Pillars aren’t strong by accident.  Their design and the materials that they are made of assures the architect that they will withstand great forces against them and enable the building to properly serve its purpose.

The same is true for the pillars that shore us up personally and professionally.

Whether those pillars come in the form of family, friends, colleagues, faith, tradition, knowledge or anything else that we use to strengthen us and shore us up against the forces that swirl around us, such pillars cannot serve their purpose unless we choose them wisely and intentionally maintain and strengthen them.

Building pillars that are poorly designed, selected, built or maintained undermine the strength, purpose and safety of the buildings that they were built for.

The same is true of our personal pillars when it comes to creating a Life of purpose, passion and positive impact.

Are you building and maintaining strong personal pillars for yourself?

Are you a strong pillar for someone else?

How do you know?

In service and servanthood,


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